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Our philosophy for product creation 

We contribute to  "Be Happy" lifestyles by realizing "What I wish I had" and "What I wish would happen to me".

What we value most in making products is that we, our customers, and society all have happiness. To create items that make people's lives more enjoyable and that can be used closely with their feelings, we ourselves need to be happy in our daily lives. We also need to make the daily lives of the customers who pick up and use our products happy. By delivering products that reflect diversity to society, we can make society happy as well.

We believe that the accumulation of such small HAPPY moments, as well as constantly thinking and acting to deliver excitement to our customers, are at the core of our craftsmanship.

To deliver "a little surprise" and "excitement" to our customers, we strive to keep moving forward today.

Fundamental Policies 

・ We will contribute to "Be Happy" lifestyles by realizing "What I wish I had" and "What I wish would happen to me".

・ Rather than seeking corporate value in terms of size, we will create value that is helpful to and pleasing to people.

・ We aim for coexistence and co-prosperity with our partner companies through fair and honest trading.

・ We aim to be a company where the company's growth coincides with the happiness of each individual employee.

・ We value fair corporate activities (compliance with laws and regulations, emphasis on ethics, and environmental protection).

 Principles of Conduct 


We always have passionate dreams and hopes deep in our hearts. Hope is our driving force.


We respect each other, nurture a bond of trust and help one another to achieve our dreams. We want to share joy and inspiration.


To do our best work, we build a relationship where we can honestly and uncompromisingly share our opinions and grow together.


We always do our best with humility, gratitude, and pride as professionals.

Contribution to Society

We will contribute to the community and society as a good corporate citizen by respecting laws and regulations, professional ethics, and social norms, and by actively working to make effective use of resources and care for the global environment.



Company Profile

Company name: Fab Japan Co., Ltd.

Representative: Shunzen Fu


Foundation: July 15, 2004

Capital: 10 million yen

Business contents: Wholesale business of original pouches, OEM planning business

Location: 1-5-27 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Okada Building 301

Contact: TEL: 03-5775-2653 / FAX: 03-5775-2652

Major trading companies: MASH Holdings Co.,Ltd. Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd. StylingLife Holdings Inc


Efforts for Sustainable Development Goals


Ensuring sustainable consumption production

The 12th of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the UN Summit in 2015 is "Responsible Production and Consumption".

This goal is for sustainable consumption and production.

The first step we are taking is to "avoid waste". This may seem obvious, but in fact, in an industry like ours, with its rapid turnover and changing trends, it is more difficult to forecast demand than in other industries, and it has been common practice to "dispose of unsold items".

The problem of CO2 emissions when it is the time of disposal, which is caused by mass production and mass consumption, is also an issue, and it is important to focus on recycling, which is what will contribute to the SDGs. We are trying to foresee the future and avoid holding excess inventory, and if excess inventory occurs, we are devising ways to recycle it.


​We have also begun to use upcycled plastic bottles in our products, as sustainability is now the focus of our attention. Upcycling is the process of upgrading waste or unused products that would have otherwise been thrown away, into new products.

In the past, recycling prioritized cost reductions and was not fully conscious of environmental issues, but now all companies, including ours, place the protection of the global environment first and foremost, and we are striving to approach recycling regardless of the cost involved.


Our next initiative is to support the independence of people with disabilities by making products using their artwork and giving a portion of the profits back to their welfare facilities.

We are currently working hard to make this happen, and we believe that it is of utmost importance to continue these efforts and to continue to impose sustainable development goals on our company.

What are the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international goals that aim to achieve a sustainable and better world by 2030. As the successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2001, the SDGs were included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was unanimously adopted by member states at the UN Summit in September 2015. Consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets, the SDGs pledge to "leave no one behind" on the planet. the SDGs are universal, not only for developing countries, but also for developed countries themselves, and Japan is actively working on them.

Source: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Japan's efforts, Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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