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Staff's daily life

We are an OEM/ODM manufacturer that can provide consistent support from planning, proposal, manufacturing to delivery, utilizing our know-how as a pouch manufacturer. Let us show you a little bit of our daily life!

<Considering materials for new products>

I'm always conscious of whether or not an item will cheer up the people who own it.


<Creating a sample request form>

I'm trying to make products with designs that people want and like.

<Planning and Sales>

I'm looking for ways to keep our products high quality while making them stylish and cute.


<Design meeting>

We try to create products that are designed to deliver a feeling of "Wow", that are functional and easy to use and that people will want to give as gifts to their loved ones.


Taking a break during lunch time. Our staff members are very friendly with each other, so we relax while talking about various things!



For various inquiries, please contact us from here.


You can shop for products that are being developed at fab.JAPAN.

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